Saturday 28th, 2017 General Meeting


Date: Saturday 28 October 2017 @ 1600hrs


  • Seun Akin-Esho (Chairman) -SE
  • Charles Olayinka (Vice Chairman US) - COUS
  • Olamide Olaleye (Secretary) - OO
  • Dr. Bayo Falode - BF
  • Mr. Charles Oyedeji - CO


  • COUS was unable to join us via skype
  • Dapo Aderibigbe was unable to join via skype but called in
  • Tunde Eniola couldn’t make the meeting
  • Folarin Agoro was unable to attend due to a flu

Summary of Events

BF started the meeting by leading us through a 5min prayer session to commit the event and our event into the hands of the almighty God.

We declared the meeting open by also singing the school anthem

The meeting commenced with SE introducing the new Excos’ for the current financial year 2017/18 as listed above.

A vote of thanks to the previous excos’ for their efforts in unifying the GCIOBACLASSOF86

Introduced Motto for the current team “Less Talk! More Action” the reason behind this slogan is as explained by SE that we (excos) want to get on with the business of achieving our set out goals rather than debate over issues which has not gotten us anywhere in the past.

Review of the first 30-days in office

SE gave a brief summary of the achievements of the current Exco’s in the first 30 days in office as detailed below

  1. GCICLASSOF86 Charter which details our commitments as members and executives of this great group e.g  communication strategy, rules governing conduct as members and exco’s. Details are available on the website
  2. Commissioned the new GCIOBACLASSOF86 website – The thinking behind is that GCIOBA is a brand as such; we the OBA should be able to take advantage of this. Please note this is a member’s only site, you are required to registered and be verified before you can view its contents.
  3. A new Bank account has been opened with Barclays Bank, which would further foster transparency of the executives in terms of the finances of the group. In the past, we have always had transparent finance management but this was managed by making deposits into personal accounts and our thinking is that we should run GCIOBACLASSOF86 as business hence the need to have a bank account dedicated to this purpose where members would not only be assured that they are making contributions to the development of Government College Ibadan but also that they would always be able to see the state of our finances in real- time as we intend to post the statements of account on the website on a quarterly basis. The bank account would have three signatories but two would be enough to make transactions at any point in time. It is hoped that this strategy would be adopted by our brothers in Nigeria
  4. Communication – It is our ambition that we would provide the best means of disseminating information to all of our members by adopting a two-prong attack on this front. Namely email and social media (WhatsApp). The current WhatsApp platform has been the only means of communication since the inception of GCIOBACLASSOF86; we have as part of the charter created email accounts for GCIOBACLASSOF86 which would end with a suffix. Members are encouraged to register on the website in order to be included in the mailing list.
  5. Registration of GCIOBACLASSOF86 as a Charity with HMRC UK

Plans for the next 100 days

OO –

  1. As part of our plans for the next 100 days in office, we would like to put an infrastructure in place such that the brand GCI would be placed once again on the map details of some o this can be seen on the website under the shop section. We plan to create a shopping brand of clothing line which could be sold to members and the public.
  2. We hope by encouraging our members to register we would be able to create a database which would detail “who we are” and “what we do” such that we can look inward rather than outward regarding business opportunities and enable ourselves as best we can in readiness for the next level.
  3. It is hoped that the current exco would harmonize the 86 set therefore we would be liaising with our counterparts in Nigeria on various issues ranging from those cited above to strategic planning in terms of projects which would be executed in future.
  4. We have to see GCIOBA as a business where all understand their roles and therefore our main objective for the current financial year is to put infrastructures in place, without losing sight of feasible projects which we intend to execute in the next quarter of next year.
  5. We would be approaching organizations both with the UK and in Africa that would help us achieve some of the dreams we have for our great school. Some of the projects to be published on the website includes the Coding Club.
  6. Coding Club – Instead of embarking on project(s) such as building a new classroom etc. which are all capital-intensive projects we have looked at the society as a whole and discovered that we can empower all pupils that are currently passing through the school of our pride GCI by giving them skills through technology. It’s hoped that by forming a coding club within GCI that it would encourage our students to adopt technology as a means of developing themselves for the benefit of the community. It is hoped that this would change the psych of people that computers are NOT tools for crime “There is more to life than Yahoo”. Details of this would be circulated nearer to the time.
  7. A revamp of the current WhatsApp platform to maximize its use as means of bringing us together rather than pulling us apart.


  1. A proposal was made by both Bayo Falode and Charles Oyedeji for class of 86 to have 2 years rotational global chairmanship and Vice chairmen in other location instead of the current leadership structure. For example, if diaspora holds the chairmanship for 2years, Naija will hold the vice chairmanship for 2 years which after the chairmanship will then return to Naija.
  2.  As for the groups funds, we are still waiting for the past treasurer Dayo Alabi to transfer it into the groups bank account with Barclays.


Our next meeting is scheduled for April 2018.