Government College Ibadan, (founded February 28, 1929), is a "boys only" secondary school located on the hills of Apata Ganga in Ibadan, Nigeria. The expatriate Founding Fathers were Selwyn McGregor Grier, who conceived the idea of setting up the school, and V.B.V Powell, the first principal of the school. Government College was modeled after the British secondary boarding schools of the era, and the first set of students numbered twenty-nine. During the Second World War, the school temporarily moved to several sites before finally resettling back at its original site.


Government College Ibadan Old Boys Association, (GCIOBA) referred to as Old Boys Society at inception, is itself almost as old as the school having been initiated by the second Principal of the college in November 1934. The Association’s first meeting was held on 18 December, 1934. Capt. H.T.C Field, the then principal and initiator, was elected its pioneer president at the first meeting attended by 14 Old Boys and four members of the staff (all British). B.O Oguntimein (1929) took over in 1946 as the first indigenous Old Boy President in 1946.

Since then four Old Boys have held the position of president as follows:

  1. G Akin Deko (1930) 1951 – 1975
  2. C.S.O Akande (1941) 1975 – 1988
  3. Lekan Are (1948) 1988 – 2006 and the incumbent
  4. Banwo Smith (1959) 2006 – to date.

The school has produced over 80% of the presidents of the Nigerian Society of Engineers since its inception and one of the four Black Africans in history to be awarded a Nobel prize. GCI is still waxing strong. With the help of the Old Boys, their friends and by the Grace of God the school will still go places.


  1. Seun Akin-Esho - Chairman
  2. Charles Olayinka - Vice Chairman
  3. Niyi Olaobaju - Treasurer
  4. Olamide Olaleye - Secretary